Are you sick of hearing about Buzz's bicycle accident yet? There have been descriptions, news reports, reenactments and even a cartoon describing the accident that has MoSho host Buzz Adams sidelined for at least another week. Two teeth were completely shattered in the accident and 2 more were heavily damaged. Buzz still has a wire holding his top remaining teeth in place and that wire doesn't come off until Tuesday, September 5th.

Recently, KDBC sports reporter and Buzz's friend for over 20 years, Lou Romano, went out to the site of the incident with his "Lou Cam" and filed the following report.

For the past week Buzz has been coming in sporadically to sit in on the morning show. He's hoping to return in his full-time capacity sometime next week. Until then, Brandon, Lisa, Joanna, Nico and Scott are bringing you live shows with some "Best of" clips mixed in every weekday.

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