Buckcherry, who once played over 300 shows on an album cycle, definitely love their touring, but at some point the group expects to finalize their next studio album, 'Confessions.' Guitarist Keith Nelson tells Pop Culture Madness that their highly-anticipated next album may still arrive before the year ends.

Nelson explained, "We're still hoping to get it out by the end of the year, but if not, probably early next year. We're just trying to tie up some loose ends behind the scenes that really don't have anything to do with the actual material that's on the record, so as soon as we know, we'll let the world know and we'll get on with it."

Fans have been buzzing about the effort ever since it was revealed earlier in the year that the disc may be a concept record and that a short film was being shot to accompany the release. Nelson says things have changed somewhat from those early reports. He explains, "It kind of started off as a concept record and then evolved away from that, so I wouldn't really call it a concept record right now, but it definitely has a theme to it."

The guitarist says the idea for the record was generated by singer Josh Todd's screenplay that was loosely based on the events in his life. He adds that the film and the album really work well together, but both could stand independently of each other and still be understood.

At present, Nelson says the plan is to wrap their current tour, spend a couple of weeks at home revisiting and rehearsing the material, and getting themselves ready to play the new songs out live should they choose to preview tracks when their next tour leg starts at the end of the month.

Watch Buckcherry's Keith Nelson Discuss the Progress of the 'Confessions' Album