It may seem fun to ditch school and head to the beach, but it has it consequences. If kids aren't afraid of getting caught ditching by their parents, they should be afraid of exploding.

Australia's Learn For Life Foundation has created the best ad to promote the importance of staying in school. They hired my new favorite directors, Henry Inglis and Aaron McCann, to come up with a creative way to help spread this message.

They came up with this gory masterpiece, that will capture any students attention. Following the basic format of horror, the commercial features a group of some good looking people, who head out to the beach for some fun and end up getting killed. After watching this video, I have finally realized the importance of reading. If you skip school and don't learn how to read, you will end up on an explosive testing field.

Send this video to your slacker friends, children,  and even neighbors. Save them from ending up in pieces on a beach.