It's really simple to understand, but hard for people to retain.

Thames Valley Police Department and Thames Valley Sexual Violence Prevention Group have teamed up to create this sexual consent video to educate the public about understanding what 'sexual consent' is.

Their campaign's goal is to "shine a light on sexual consent and the responsibility to get consent, rather than assume it has been given." Given that, they created this video to explain the idea of consent in an extremely simple way, by making someone tea.

We all know that if someone wants tea, you give them tea.

If someone doesn't want tea, then you don't.

Then why has it been so hard for many people to understand when someone doesn't want sex, you don't have sex.

Detective Chief Inspector Justin Fletcher, from Thames Valley Police, also simple explains the law involving sexual consent, "The law is very clear. Sex without consent is rape."

It really is that simple, and I am glad there is another way to explain this to the public. If the stick figures playing out different scenarios doesn't easily become embedded in your knowledge of consent, then maybe we need to bust out the sock puppets to explain it in even simpler terms.