Most people have sent an accidental text to someone and they usually blow it off. Now, this is a whole different story.

A bride-to-be sent out an invitation to her wedding photo shoot via text message. The happy couple Roger and Kristin, invited all their friends to take pictures and then enjoy some free BBQ!  Unfortunately, Kristin didn't check her list of receipts carefully and ended up sending the invite to the wrong number.

Instead of just ignoring the message, the recipient replied to Kristin with a text, happily accepting the invitation. Staying true to his word, the recipient and his friends showed up to make the wedding picture.


The only problem with this picture is, the bride isn't the one standing out in this picture. The guy on the far left, with his shirt open is stealing the spotlight, thanks to the way his chest gleams in the sunlight.

I really hope this picture isn't fake, but it seems too perfect, to be true!


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