You have to admit that you have tried to stick your hand in a vending machine at least once in your life. If not stick your hand in there, you have to admit you've tried shaking it. Back in high school, I had a kid who ended up breaking the glass of the machine just by shaking it for a bag of chips.

If something bad happens to you or the machine when you're already old enough to understand the consequences of messing around with it that's something that can be incredibly embarrassing. If you are a 4-year-old , it's easily forgivable to get stuck in a vending machine for nearly six-hours. Especially when it's your first time seeing one.

An adorable 4-year-old named Leo saw his first vending machine in a hotel lobby while vacationing with his family in Melbourne. He approached the machine in awe of all the snacks and attempted to grab one, when his arm ended up trapped in the anti-theft mechanisms.

Leo's father said they live in a very remote area at the tip of Australia that doesn't have vending machines so of course the young boy would be amazed once laying eyes on the machine. Emergency crews ended up having to cut open the vending machine while attempting to distract the boy with cartoons on their phone, and even sedating him at sometimes. The boy was freed and sent to a hospital to check on any injuries.