Borderland artists LxsDos made headlines around the world a year ago when posters with their artwork on them turned up in downtown El Paso advertising Rage Against The Machine's comeback concerts. Seems like an entire lifetime ago, when we were excited about the return of Rage Against The Machine, now we don't know when we'll get to see them again. The band recently released their "Battle of Mexico City" concert footage on the 21st anniversary of the show. The legendary show happened on October 28th in 1999 and the concert allowed fans in attendance a sneak preview of the band's third album "The Battle of Los Angeles." For the first time, the 15-song concert set is now available on various streaming services for you to enjoy. To celebrate, the band has released some new merchandise to commemorate the concert and give back to some amazing artists they've worked with, including LxsDos.

LxsDos is the husband and wife duo of wife duo Christian and Ramon Cardenas, whose artwork can be seen all over Ciudad Juarez and El Paso. The poster artwork features a woman standing with her face covered and wearing horns. On her dress is the border wall painted with a train heading to the border. A group of immigrants can be seen walking towards the border while there is smoke in the background. That artwork has now been turned into a merch shirt that is for sale now on the Rage Merch website. The shirt is being sold for $40 and is available for pre-order now.

LxsDos posted an image of the shirt on their Instagram page and talked about working with the band on the merchandise and how the money will help them during this difficult time:

"We are beyond happy and grateful for this solidarity effort. As working artists and, parents this support goes a long way. I would personally like to mention my parents, and my sister thanking them for their love and for having my back. Also we send much love to women in liberation movements around the world, as well as all of you, especially the border community."

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