Bodybuilders have come up with creative ways to build muscle mass, including injecting mineral oils and alcohol into their arms. Of course, this method of enhancement is incredibly dangerous. This one wannabe Brazilian bodybuilder proves just how gruesome it is to have all that junk removed, especially from an infected arm. This video is pretty graphic, so don't watch it during a meal.

According to DailyRecord, a guy injected a mixture of alcohol and mineral oil into his arm, which is popular among bodybuilders in Brazil. The dangerous enhancement can cause infections, painful cysts, possibly amputation and even death.

As you can see in the LiveLeak video, this guy's arm is pretty infected. A doctor films the whole procedure of squeezing out all of the injected material. You can see just how painful the arm already looks, but once they start squeezing it's incredibly gruesome.

Don't try any of these mixtures as possible muscle enhancements. You could end up in possible danger or look like a horrible version of the hulk.