Some people just want attention ... like this guy!

Mat Olson from Fort Worth Texas wants to be included in the next X Games BMX competitions.  To try and get the X Games committees attention, he thought he'd send a vid of himself crossing the West 7th Street bridge.

Using only the bridges arches, not the roadway!

The arches are a few feet wide and rise 24 feet above the pavement, putting them 30 - 40 feet above the Trinity River.  Not much room for error but more than enough to bring about a gnarly impact! (This is the kind of crap my cousin and I use to pull on skateboards. We loved steep, narrow and smooth!)

Mat pulls off the ride easy. The landing however takes him right past a parked police car. The cop gives Mat a pretty stern lecture but was cool enough to let him go with a warning! And a threat to other BMXers that FWPD would NOT go as easy on anyone else who attempts this.  The city itself is already taking measures to prevent copycats.

Mat, it appears, will be the only one claiming this honor for a while!

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