Lot's to do this weekend. In addition to the bike run Saturday, you can catch the Billy The Kid festival in San Elizario on Sunday.

Billy The Kid roamed all over the southwest, living in Silver City at one point and is best known for his role in the Lincoln County war which happened in/around Ruidoso. He was tried once in old Mesilla and also made his way to San Elizario.  A friend of his had been locked up in San Eli and Billy rode down to bust him out. Legend has it that Billy, posing as a Texas Ranger bringing in prisoners, got the guard to open the door. When he did, Billy held him at gunpoint, grabbed his friend and the two headed into Mexico.

At the festival this weekend, you can enjoy reenactments of the jailbreak, food, live entertainment, ghost tours and much more. Admission is free and the festival takes place through Sunday.  For more info, click here.