Bicyclists who enjoy riding along Trans Mountain road will have to find somewhere else to ride while construction is underway.

The Texas Department of Transportation has begun work on a 9 mile stretch of Trans Mountain which will force bicyclists to temporarily ride elsewhere for quite a while. According to an El Paso Herald Post article, Trans Mountain is:

... down to one lane from Tom Mays Park to the picnic area.  Workers are installing metal beam guard fence then will begin milling the roadway. The bike lane is closed and will remain closed for more than a year.

The goal of the project is to improve safety at intersections and will include things like new frontage roads, grade-separated intersections and a direct connection from loop 375 west to I-10 east. There will also, eventually, be new on and off-ramps as well as hiking and biking trails. As the quote above says, the project is expected to take over a year.

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