With the presidential campaign heating up and Donald Trump continuing to upset everyone and their grandma, it was only a matter of time someone made an app to beat him up.

Tons of products have been created to bash on Trump and all his negativity, including butt plugs, but this app gives you some good clean fun to release your Trump frustration. Currently being developed by Mexican game developer KaraOKulta, the beta tests show Trump dressed up as a chicken as he is attacked by multiple items including, bowling balls and shoes.

The app is expected to go live in about two or three weeks and I know plenty of people who will be excited to get their political frustrations out on Trump. Even people who want to support Trump can throw money and flowers at him while he speaks but the gameplay will end quickly. It also isn't as fun as shoving a cactus into his scrunchy face.

If you can't wait to play, you can try to be a beta tester here.