Talk about a Sunday - Funday … come see some great Local Locos in action!

Sunday, the party is at Hiney's, 8220 Gateway East.  Here is how the organizers … Right On Tyme ... explained the setup to me:

Sunday at 8pm. We are trying something a little different ... we will have a total of four local bands battling it out we have Nightshift, Fusebox, and Foolish Illusion we are waiting for 1 confirmation we had a cancellation. We are trying to create a raw battle feel by having two bands set up at a time one band will play 2 songs the other band will play two songs a total of 4 songs will be played for the battle portion and then the other two bands will set up and play for the second round of the battle. The top two bands will then play a longer set and our judges will choose the winner. It will definitely be interesting and fun!

The winner gets a free studio session at Star City Studio, Free Mastering session from Legazpy Audio and passes to attend the Borderlands International Music Conference which is a big music networking event coming August 10th. They'll also be bringing out an A&R rep from Los Angeles as a guest speaker for that one!!

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