Back story: I found out my friend was pregnant and it was exciting. Then I found out the baby might be mine?! Not so exciting and to be honest that's a whole 'nother play ground. Well it all hit me at once and reality set in when I saw the first ultrasound a few weeks ago. Check it out! I need advice!

My friend has been honest with me by admitting she did sleep with me and her ex boyfriend so it could be either one of ours. I still don't know how I should approach this whole situation. The first dr. appointment I was invited to went well at first. Then I saw for myself the baby and how it was developing. It hit me hard and fast. I cried for days!

I have a second job now because I want to make sure this baby if it is mine is taken care of and I can be somewhat prepared. I get worried that I might be doing it all for no reason tho. Even when I go into a store now, I find myself looking at baby things wondering if I should start buying stuff or not?

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