Could this guy get any lamer?

Axl Rose recently sued Activision Blizzard Inc over their Guitar Hero III game.  Why?  Because they used Slash as a character in the game.  (Put him right on the cover to!)

According to Axl, he only allowed the game maker to use Welcome To The Jungle

on the condition that Slash and his band, Velvet Revolver, not appear in the game.

I guess there are instances where you could sue over the use of your image, but "I don't like that guy" doesn't seem like the best basis for a 20 million dollar lawsuit.  (The judge agreed ... he dismissed "Axe-holes" case.)

So, if you play Guitar Hero III, don't look at Slash!  You'll upset Axls delicate little psyche! (and he might sue you.)

At the end of that video, do you suppose Slash pretends that he's beating Axls head in with that guitar?  (If he ever admitted to that, do you think Axl would then sue Slash for pretend assault and imaginary mental anguish?)