Yep ... we got company coming!!

The Run For The Wall is once again passing through El Paso tomorrow morning.  There is a welcoming party this evening in Las Cruces where all the riders will get together, eat have a few cold ones and then rest up for tomorrow.  If you'd like to attend, there will be a large group of riders meeting at the Howdys at US-54 and Martin Luther King Blvd at 1:00pm today.  Should be a lot of fun, all are welcome and if you can't ride; there will be a TON of bikes there to look at!  For more info, visit

Tomorrow morning, the parade will roll on into El Paso where another gathering ids planned for the Lee Trevino turnaround, across from Barnett Harley - Davidson.  The turnaround will be closed to ALL vehicles about 9:30 to allow people and flags to line the turnaround. 

Again, NO VEHICLES ON THE TURNAROUND.  Park at Barnetts and walk over to set up flags and cheer on the riders as they all head to "The Wall".

From El Paso they will continue on to Van Horn, stop for lunch and then resume their journey to The Wall memorial in D.C.  Bikers come together from all over America along several routes for this annual event and by the time they arrive in Washington; about 750,000 bikes are expected to roll into D. C.!!

Rolling Thunder Indeed. 

Everyone leaves Cruces and comes our way tomorrow morning.  At approximately 10am the advance team will ride along I-10 under the Lee Trevino turnaround, followed shortly by the "missing man" formation of 5 bikes and then the caravan. Over 500 motorcycles!! 

This HUGE parade of bikes comes through El Paso every year, but this year let's all show them some El Paso love!! The El Paso motorcycle community is big both in it's size and in the size of its members hearts; let's show 'em what we got!  Hit up one of these events ... or better yet; both!!

Everyone is welcome to join in the parade and then ride along to Van Horn and/or beyond!  Go as far as you like!  For more info contact Dusty at 915-892-1961 or visit!

Getting back to TONIGHT; there is a TMRA2 meeting at The Lunchbox, Montana @ Buckner at 7pm

The TMRA is the Texas Motorcycle Rights Association and, if you ride, they are looking out for you.  

Your rights as a motorcyclist, any and all motorcycle related legislation, local laws, rules and regulations that pertain to bikers; they watch ALL that stuff!  They are your voice in Austin and elsewhere and tonights meeting features a special guest. 

El Paso County Sheriff Richard Wiles is scheduled to be there to answer your questions.  (Questions which I'm sure will include recent extra law enforcement "attention" being given to motorcyclists as well as checkpoints and other things.)  

If you ride, you should definitely stop by.

Ride safe!!