Yep, they're ready to do it again!

At The Drive In rose from El Paso in the mid-'90s, releasing several albums and becoming almost legendary for their insane, highly energetic and emotional live performances. They "retired" in 2001, splintering into the bands The Mars Volta and Sparta. In addition to Sparta, guitarist Jim Ward also formed Sleepercar.

Omar said at one point that he wasn't comfortable playing the ATDI songs anymore because:

“When playing those songs, I thought, ‘Here’s a person at the time that I don’t relate to anymore.’ He didn’t care about his life and was doing drugs and was really disconnected from the world and a whole lot of other personal stuff that I won’t get into.

He's over that now apparently and the band will reunite at this years "Rock On The Range" festival in Ohio, sharing the stage with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Disturbed, Rob Zombie and more.


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