The State Of Arizona is officially now my second favorite state!

First of all they have some of the coolest places to visit. (See my previous Tombstone blog!) Not to mention that really cool canyon they had dug .. and all the girls wandering around ASU!! 

Then they allowed the open carry of handguns. Currently, they're trying to make it law that anyone legally eligible to own a gun, be allowed to carry it. (Again, openly!)  Now they are even going to have an official state gun.  The state flower is the Sagurero Cactus Blossom, the official bird is the Cactus Wren (seems to be a theme running through here) and, very soon, the official state gun may be the Colt!

I will TOTALLY let you know how this one plays out. Speaking as an avid shooter, I have to ask; How cool is this?  I wonder what Texas would go for as the state weapon?  Whichever one comes with the biggest magazine I'd guess!