The incredibly creepy Annabelle doll stopped by the KLAQ Morning Show, with Tony Amendola, who plays Father Perez in the 'Annabelle' movie and Salvador, a Cuandero. Yes, Annabelle needs a Cuandero, that's a spiritual healer, to help those who feel distressed in her presence.

Buzz and the KLAQ Morning Show were lucky enough to have brilliant actor, Tony Amendola, stop by to talk about his new role as a priest in 'Annabelle.' Everyone tried to concentrate on the interview, but it was incredibly hard to not feel like someone is watching you...


Luckily, Salvador the Cuandero was here to calm our nerves with his spiritual guidance. Everyone was able to take some pictures with the doll and talk about what we can expect for the premiere of 'Annabelle' on October 3rd.

Now, KLAQ Morning Show listeners have a chance to win tickets to an advance screening of 'Annabelle,' shirts, posters and even #EvilEye bracelets. Keep listening to Buzz and the crew to find out when we will be giving them away.