The guys will be coming straight to your casa very soon!

Alice In Chains have agreed to perform on one of my favorite TV programs, Guitar Center Sessions.  Previous guests on this show have included Social Distortion, Bush, Slash, Tom Morello and the Night Watchman, Soundgarden and a zillion more.

August 3rd on Direct TV's Audience Network, (channel 239 among others), Alice In Chains get their turn!  The cool thing about this show is that it isn't a concert, it's not (necessarily) an acoustic performance and it's not an interview.  It's all that ... and more!

Guests on the show play in a kinda stripped down fashion, (more like a full on rehearsal than a show), stopping periodically to hang with the shows host and talk about their music, their plans, the industry and whatever else comes up.

Here's a taste of the upcoming Alice In Chains show for you.  Enjoy!!

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