Sometimes, it takes a failure to find a success. Our ‘Checking Out Your Tweets‘ blog posts were kind of a failure but they were successful in finding our ‘Babe of the Day’ for today — Alex Reardon.

Alex will go down as our first, and only, COYT Hall of Famer. She was the first woman to win four straight weeks of voting. She will also be the only Hall of Famer because we’re going to stop running that blog post because no one really paid much attention to it besides the ladies involved.

So, we decided to make the lone Hall of Famer our ‘Babe of the Day.’

Alex works for 97.5 The Fanatic and 950 ESPN in Philadelphia and her Twitter bio says she is a “pseudo model and failed columnist/blogger.” She will have to add ‘Hall of Famer’ and ‘Babe of the Day.’