Aaron Lewis (staind) Has gone from one extreme to the other in his music career. Aaron Lewis, then (Mudshovel) and now (Country Boy). 

Aaron Lewis says Staind is already in the studio. He says of the upcoming effort, quote, "It's shaping up to be the heaviest thing we have recorded in a long time."  With the softer side being explored on Lewis' solo set, the singer says the harder edge on the new disc is reminiscent of their breakout album, "Dysfunction."  He adds that the band is going back to a time when the sound of the band was more straightforward, explaining, quote, "It's new material with a heavy sound."  Lewis says the band has eight or nine tracks that they're working on, with a couple more still to go.  At present, there's no album title but Lewis says the band expects to hand in the album this spring and could have the disc ready for a fall release.