So I have a story to tell, it's long but it brought me happiness about the man that Scott Ronson was on a really sad week....
One summer here at the station, I came to work on commercials and Scott Ronson was on air. He told me there was a dog hanging out in the front of the station. We went outside and found a tiny boxer outside, in 100 plus degree heat. We both knew leaving him out there was wrong, so we brought him into the station. I got him a cup with water and Scott started looking in the fridge for something to feed him. There was no Family Dollar next door at the time and all we found was a burrito that said "Monikas." We fed him the burrito (sorry Mon) and he ate only half because he was weak. He laid on the floor of the studio while we worked and just slept. I told Scott I was going to name him Ronson after him, so I could yell for Ronson to stop peeing and pooping everywhere and we laughed. The dog was skinny, had burns on his stomach but was so loving and was just relieved someone had finally shown him kindness.

My parents took him and cared for him for about three months, until they found a family that had kids he could play and run with. The people moved and we haven't heard anything about Ronson for years.

Fastforward to this week, and a man sends his condolences on the KLAQ Facebook saying his girlfriend has a dog named after Scott that was found at the station. Its Ronson!
The man then tells me, his dog ran away and this woman found him in her backyard with Ronson. Apparently, Ronson used to get out of her backyard all the time and run around the neighborhood. He didn't like having to stay in her backyard, he wanted run around. The two kept in touch and on June 3rd they will be celebrating their one year anniversary. He messaged me to say if Ronson the boxer hadn't made friends with his dog, they would have never met. And if Scott and I wouldn't have brought that dog into the station and gave him a chance, this couple would have never met.

So in the end, once again the memory of Scott Ronson is a man of amazing character, and even the dog of the same name has his same free spirit. RIP Scott Ronson.