Wonder why you never win anything on KLAQ?  Is it just bad luck on your part or that the phone lines are always busy?

Here are 5 SIMPLE  tips and secrets you should follow.


1. LISTEN: ... Duh!  Sounds simple, but you can't win if YOU don't listen. Time yourself accordingly to listen when the call number or song of the day is announced, helping to avoid missing out at the last moment. (listen here) Or Download RadioPup for free.



2. DIAL THE CORRECT RADIO STATION :.... Yes another simple one , You may find it helpful to store the numbers to our  station on your phone for easy access, or for the very determined, set them on speed dial. Use the redial button if you can't get through on your first try. Those few seconds spent redialing manually will reduce or likely eliminate your chances of being the correct caller. ( 880-4955)



3. USE MORE PHONES:... Use your Office and Mobile phone. This is hard for some people when only one phone is available, but ask friends to call as well, we always give out a PAIR of tickets. Sharing is caring.



4. VISIT US WHEN WE HIT THE STREETS:....We are ALWAYS out around town. Stop by, sign up and WIN. It's that Simple. We always give away tickets, CDs, Drinks and Food!  See note #1 to find out where we will be.



5. Register for online contests: ... Have you heard of the Freeloaders section? This is Free and Easy. We give away a lot of free stuff on line. ( Freeloader sign up)


Follow these SIMPLE steps and You can be the Next BIG winner with Us!

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