This year the KLAQ Morning Show went as "The Walking Dead" for the KLAQ Halloween parade. As the only one of our group to have actual pretending-to-fight-zombies skill, it fell upon me to portray Rick Grimes.

Not everyone thought I "nailed it", apparently.

Here, then, are the top 5 hurtful, snide comments I overheard while walking in the KLAQ Halloween parade.

This is me on the left. Actor Andrew Lincoln is pictured, right. Just so everybody is clear, here.



1.) "Throw us some candy! Or did you eat it all?!"

2.) " I didn't see the episode where Rick found an over-turned Hostess Delivery Van!"

3.) "Looks like the zombies haven't been the only ones with insatiable appetites!"

4.) "Where do you keep finding pizzas during the Zombie Apocalypse?!?"

5.) "Hey, Buford T. Justice! Where's the Bandit?"


Words hurt, El Paso. Words hurt.