So, it wasn't a great day for the pigs who couldn't fly, but for bacon lovers? Oh, baby.

The 2016 Sun City BaconFest in Union Plaza was an incredible experience, with the Borderland's finest chefs bringing you their most inventive bacon dishes. Heck, sometimes it was just something simple, like chocolate-covered bacon strips. And on the other end of the spectrum, there were amazingly savory bacon Bloody Marys and salty-sweet Bourbon Bacon Ice Cream.

On top of that, we blew through bacon strips in our bacon-eating contest and through 200 bacon-wrapped ribs in the Article 15 Extreme Bacon Challenge.

All the food was amped up a notch this year, and if you went home hungry ... well, you did it wrong. Do yourself a favor -- prepare better for next year.

Thanks to all of our sponsors, vendors and bacon-lovers who made the event a cracklin' success!

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