This kid is totally going pro.  Possibly before he clears (or even enters) elementary school!

I don't usually do the warm fuzzy, cutesie pie, "awwww" type posts here at, but this kid rocks!

Meet "Trick Shot Titus", the cutest little hoopster you'll ever see.  I admit, the fact that he can make a basketball shot at all pretty much makes him better than me (not to mention several current NBA players and probably a bunch of you guys to.  Be honest!) but simply making free throws isn't enough for 2 year old Titus.

He's gotta have more of a challenge than that!

Not to shabby huh?

He doesn't just do trick shots, guest on Jimmy Kimmel and hang out with A List actors though, Titus brings it on the court as well.

Watch him take Shaquille O'Neal to school in this vid.

I'm thinking this kids college tuition is already pretty much handled.......