I love the idea of Veronica Gonzalez and Peter Carrillo doing some dares that listeners throw at them. I have tried to get some of my friends to do dares for money, such as the cinnamon or sprite and banana challenges, but they have failed.  I like Veronica and Peter so I wouldn't want them to do these but this warhead one would be a little more challenging and wouldn't involve puke.

Here's the challenge. Buy 150 warheads, which are those super sour, evil candies.


Now you are going to attempt to eat them all if you can stand the sour, pain and blood. I only say blood because this video below has this guy freaking out as he attempts it and destroys his tongue.

I think the challenge could be altered to still be challenging and funny without the blood because we need Veronica to still be able to talk. Just throwing out an idea but maybe if you take my poll, they will end up doing it and post it on KLAQ.com!