A 13-year-old girl replied to a Facebook post by Jackson Roswell, who was offering cheap tattoos. When the young girl showed up at his house to get the tattoo, Roswell disregarded her age and went through with the tattoo anyway. Unfortunately, he used Jack Daniels to clean the area and misspelled the tattoo.

The little girl wanted Roswell to tattoo the word 'believe' he misspelled it 'belleve'.

Jackson admitted assault, illegally tattooing a person under 18, running a tattoo business without a licence and running a business at his home without a licence.

The little girl had to be tested for HIV and hepatitis, and luckily, everything came out clean. Her family is angry about what happened, ‘What he has done is absolutely disgusting. It caused mayhem in our home." They believe the tattoo artist should have been responsible by not tattooing the young girl.

Now, the girl is petrified by the tattoo, and wears her hair down all the time.

Roswell was given an eight-month prison sentence, suspended for two years. He must carry out 120 hours of community work and pay £300 compensation, £100 court costs and £100 victim surcharge.

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