I think that this May, we will have an earthquake some time. I think it will happen on the 21st. It will be a 7.6 on the Richter scale. It will cause a lot of destruction to Civic Stadium, so the Beavers will have to play somewhere else. The streets will be cracked so people have to walk. People all the way in Seattle would feel it and people in Sacramento. The roads would be so cracked, school buses won't be able to drive so there won't be school. The guy who keeps there is going to be an earthquake, doesn't predict this one. Also, this month, the Seattle SuperSonics will have the best playoff record and Shawn Kemp will have the best scoringn percentage. Seattle will be undefeated in the playoffs. Even though Atlanta is my favorite team, they will probably get kicked out in the first round. Dominique Wilkins, though, will have an outstanding playoff series. The Minnesota Twins will also take first place in the division. Kirby Puckett will be the leader in hits, home runs, and batting average.

Man, what a horrible prophecy from 12-year-old Brandon. This obviously didn't happen, but I've always been pretty dark like that. Apocalyptic things have always interested me.

And of course this is the time when I would start to follow around players, not necessarily a team. Same thing happened in football for awhile. Until I realized I could still be a fan of my team, but root for a player that's on another. I was a HUGE Dominique Wilkins fan. Wasn't really a Hawks fan though. But I thought I was because I was a fan of Dominique.

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