Dear Journal,

Tonight my parents are going to the play Camelot. I also have a practice game for my Gold Ball team. My "B" team ended up with ten wins and one loss. Out last game was cancelled because the carpenters who are working on the gym cut a hole in the ceiling and all the snow got in. There was a huge puddle on the gym floor. Tonight I play Don Hunt's team. The game is here at Sunrise. On Monday night we had practice at Oak Grove. We had a contest of who could make the most free throws out of fifty. I made thirty-five. So did Justin Hill. The winner would get a candy bar and during games shoot the technical foul shots. We both won, so now it kind of depends on whose in. My scoring went like this - six, seven, seven, eight, seven.

Ah, the glorious days of the construction crew cutting a hole in the ceiling and letting it snow on the court.

I would also get super tired shooting that many free throws because I weighed almost nothing. I was just a walking bag of bones. So it took a lot of energy to get the ball to the hoop.

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