Every time I got to work at Rocking the Rez Pow Wow was always a ton of fun. Not only was it a fun experience, but also interesting to see so many tribes from all over the nation. You're able to witness a variety of American Indian tribes dancing and chanting for all to see and hear. There will also be a contest as well for their outfit and drumming skills.

The 10th Annual Rocking the Rez Pow Wow will kick off next month. They will be holding the event Saturday, October 5 and wrapping up Sunday, October 6. Rocking the Rez Pow Wow will be held at the Pakitu Community Park. It is an outdoor event so you can bring portable chairs or a blanket in case their provided seats might be taken. This is a fun and friendly event for your family to venture out to. There will be food, drinks, Native American art, merchandise, and more. Don't miss out on this on this social gathering that honors the Native American culture.