It's gotta take a lot to scare this heavy metal god!

Zakk Wylde, guitar god for Ozzy Osbourne and the founding member of metal band Black Label Society, has been granted a restraining order for 3 years against his mentally disturbed 20 year old neighbor, John Radich. Radich lived next door to Wylde and recently left a sacrifice at his door, that included a Sharpie, Post-Its with writing on them, writing on the concrete around the sacrifice, a flannel shirt, visor, and a boxcutter. Not to mention a guitar that Wylde had given to him as a gift. He wrote all over the guitar in Sharpie and the Post-Its. Fans should be most pissed that he defiled a cherished guitar that Wylde had given to him because he wanted to to show his appreciation to a fan. Instead he fucked it up hardcore. Wylde said that he's going to clean up the guitar then regift it to another fan who will truly enjoy and appreciate his gift.

Wylde also brought up another incident where Radich broke into his home studio and stated," I must assert my dominance!" And he called Wylde his "master." Needless to say this kid is a few fries short of a Happy Meal. The court has ordered him to stay 50 yards away from the family for the next three years. Hopefully that will give Radich time to get the help he needs, Wylde in his family time to find a new home, or obtain a vast collection of handguns. IN my opinion, they need all of the above.

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