My love for the local people, local food and .. especially .. the local bands in the Borderland is huge. So, I always try to single out the great talent El Paso has to offer when I can.  This week, it's Alexx. 

Recently, Alexx, Strings and Moises of the band Alexx stopped by the KLAQ studios to chat and show off their brand new disc, "9 Life Cat".  They recorded the disc at the legendary Sonic Ranch and they were so happy to finally have the finished CD in their hands, it was like Christmas in March.  On top of their excitement, they're also smart alecs .. or would that be alexx ... who had me cracking up the whole time we were (attempting) to get this interview done!

Don't forget, their next gig is April 4th at the King's X on N. Mesa!  You can pick up your own copy 9 Life Cat there or at Griffin's Independent Music/Txinkslingers, The Headstand, All That Music, Flooring by Alex & Alex, or online!

You could also catch one of the guys out running around town. I'm pretty sure they'll get you taken care of quick!