My face still hurts after all the laughing. 

Last night, Dubba G and I got to hang out with El Pasos Local Comics Iggy Samaniego and Omar Tarango. They got to tell me about their 'El Paso Que Funny!!! Comedy Show' going on today and tomorrow.


Check out the video to see what they had to say.

The show is this weekend at the El Paso Playhouse with your host Omar Tarango. Starring Iggy Samaniego, Israel Garcia, Joe Rodriguez and more. So if you're looking for something to do this weekend, this is the place to be. These guys are hilarious and super cool!! You can also check out their website for more information!

(Oh! And they really did come over to the studio and film the video there ... just that there were technical difficulties with the video and had to be re-filmed.)