WTF is up with Youtube, facebook and the morality police??

Seems these days that EVERYTHING is offensive. To facebook and youtube anyway!

I posted a "for the helluva it" video yesterday of Kate Upton doing a weird little dance in a bikini.  As of today it's been banned from youtube.  It's a hot chick in a teeny bikini dancing. No nudity, no bad language ... WTF??

Read the story here >>>

Recently, a facebook friend of mine had a photo he posted on his page taken down that I didn't think was all that bad really.  Ronson of course, could write a book on being banned from facebook.  His "boobs of the day" feature has gotten him 86d at least 10 times.  (So far.)

His posts NEVER feature nudity. (Company policy prohibits that so , even if he wanted to, he wouldn't.)  Just some of El Pasos' finest in tight tops, halters, bikini tops, etc.......

Here are a few examples!!

Bathing suit companies, magazines, certain clubs and "adult" businesses are just a few of the facebook sites where you see things as ... or even more ... daring than Scotts' posts, my friends pic or Kate and her Uptons!!!!!!! 

WTF guys??  I understand banning nudity and language (though language is NOT regulated in the conversation threads) because you never know who may be seeing what you've posted.  That's common sense.  

The things I see Scott get banned for and the offensiveness that I did NOT see in the Kate Upton video beg the question; WTF???????

What do you think Borderland??  Have Scott and/or Kate gone to far?  Should they be penalized/banned/censored for their "indecency"??  Or do facebook and youtube need to lighten up?