Whether you are a complete TV-aholic, or just have a couple of particular shows you watch, staring at the tube too long could lead you to an early grave!

It's not the programming TV offers ... although, there is some crappy stuff on the air these days ... it's the sedentary lifestyle that major tv junkies seem to have.

Photo Illustration by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Spanish researchers studied the viewing habits of 13,000 adults and found those watching tv for more than 3 hours a day doubled their risk of early death.  Over 3 hours?  Good lord, unless there's a Walking Dead or Sons Of Anarchy marathon on ... or it's football season ... who the hell can stand to watch tv that long??

(By the way, there IS a Walking Dead marathon this weekend.  Starts Friday at 9am.)

All of the people who participated in the study were well educated, fairly thin, in their mid to late 30's and in good health.  They were followed for approximately 8 years and 97 of them kicked off early.

  • 19 from heart disease
  • 46 from cancer
  • 32 from liver disease, kidney disease or accidentally

See, radio is way better than tv.

We won't kill you!