What's T-Mac been up to recently? He's stayed really busy musically, and has even toured quite a bit with Billy Sheehan, Mike Portnoy and Derek Sherinian, playing some serious music for the people. Check out Thursday's shred song for today, Billy Sheehan's "Shy Boy", originally written for Billy's band Talas, and then re-recorded with Van Halen maniac David Lee Roth!

Billy sings this, and he and Tony tear up the fretboards with their manic version of this song. These guys make you want to sell all your guitars and take up basket-weaving or something, sometimes.

There are a couple DVDs of these guys out, one from a Tokyo show, and one they released from their first work at a drum show. Check them out for some serious playing.

All this week will be Tony's week for amazing shred...be on the lookout for more videos all week!

Shy Boy