Lizzy and the boys in Halestorm will be playing three shows at the end of the year in a special "An Evening With..." format. They want to showcase different sides of the band, and no, that doesn't mean she'll stand with her ass pointed at you for a whole portion of it. But that would be AWESOME!

They're going to do a special performance of "The Strange Case Of..." music, with a sort of Dr. Jekyll and Mz. Hyde thing.

We want to invite you to spend your holidays with us! This mini tour is your opportunity to see a very unique HALESTORM show! We are bringing 'The Strange Case Of…' to life and splitting the night into two very equal, but opposite performances — light and dark, black and white… Jekyll and Mz. Hyde. Don’t miss this show, because this special presentation of HALESTORM will only be happening for a few nights over the holidays.


If you feel up to a trip to the east coast, this could be the closest you get to spending the night with Lizzy in the way most of us would like to.