I think we can all be dorks about things from time to time. Some of us are dorks about our cars, guitars, movies, sports...we each have a total geek moment. Fantasy football players are just as dorky as D&D players, so don't think you're above the geek label. I happen to love movies, and The Lord of the Rings trilogy are some of the best movies ever made, so I've been incredibly excited about The Hobbit movie. I stayed up to check out the High Frame Rate 3D version of the movie at last night's first screening, and I'm glad I did.

One problem people have with CGI characters in movies, is that a lot of the computer generated stuff looks different from what's been shot in the camera. I'm also bothered by the weird slowness of the CG characters in a normal movie. Maybe they have to slow down the CG for movies so things don't blur oddly or something, but they always seem to move slower than real people.

The cool thing about the HFR 3D Hobbit is that the CG characters move with similar speed to the real people in the shot. It makes everything fit together better, and makes them look more real.

The 3D is BY FAR the best I've ever seen. Avatar has nothing on this movie. And they didn't do the stupid "Woooo...look at our 3D" crap where everything has to come straight at the camera as if to remind you that the movie is 3D. I hate that stuff, and it takes you out of the movie when it happens. They don't do that in this movie, it's just accepted that it's 3D, and they tell the story.

I also didn't get the 3D fatigue I'll get sometimes during movies, where the glasses start to get uncomfortable and it seems like things will never end. It is a long movie, but I didn't get tired or fidgety and want to rip the glasses off my face screaming, like I have at some other movies.

I'm not going to talk about the story changes/additions/subtractions from the book version. I'm just going to say the one blasphemous thing that Tolkein fans will hate: Peter Jackson tells the story better. He'll probably disagree with this, it's just my opinion.

Here's an inside look into the shooting in the High Frame Rate and 3D. It's pretty cool.