Courtesy: LSUfreak

The U in “The U” now stands for “Uh-oh”. Also “Uncorked”, “Undone”, and “Under Investigation”.

Here’s friend of SportsTalk, “Glory Road” and “Death to the BCS” author Dan Wetzel explaining Yahoo! Sports amazingly detailed investigation into former University of Miami booster and convicted Ponzi schemer Nevin Shapiro’s claims that he bankrolled Hurricane athletes in the school’s major sports programs, lavishing them with cash, jewelry, VIP treatment at nightclubs and restaurants, cars and, yes, strippers and prostitutes.

It happened. It’s documented. And it’s probably going to go down as the largest, most far-reaching NCAA investigation ever. Check out not only Yahoo! Sports’ incredible story, but also the exhaustive player-by-player, coach-by-coach breakdown of people who allegedly took what Shapiro was handing out to the right of the story’s text.