Too bad he didn't have a Shield to protect him.

At a house show in Victoria, British Columbia, WWE superstar Roman Reigns was hit in the head by an object thrown from the audience. Roman Reigns was wrestling Bray Wyatt in the main event when a fan in the audience threw a fake "Money In The Bank" briefcase onstage, hitting Reigns in the head. The fan charged the barricade, attempting to get through before throwing the case into the ring. The fan had some amazing yet scary accuracy, hitting Reigns hard enough to momentarily knock him unconscious. You can see Bray Wyatt looking on in concern, while the ref runs over to check on Reigns to make sure he is okay. Reigns head to the ropes to regain control, while security and refs rush the fan to get him out of the arena.

Roman Reigns is an amazingly tough athlete, who actually finished the match after the incident, according to Uproxx. No word on what possessed the crazed fan to attack -- maybe he's still upset over the Shield breaking up. Also, how heavy and tough are those toy briefcases they sell in the WWE shop? Apparently tough enough to knock out one of their main superstars. The video below also shows stills of the moment of impact on Roman Reign's head. Also has comments from the alleged thrower in 4chan, saying how he was going to throw the briefcase at Roman Reign's that night.