You'd be surprised how much they pay to see who you're calling and/or what you're saying!

Our Government never ceases to amaze me.  In a time of sequesters and furloughs due to the fact that Uncle Sam is broke, they still find ways to spend money. We just dropped about 100 million to send The POTUS to Africa. The U. S. Postal Service lost 16 billion dollars last year. Currently, we're looking at a $750,000 bill to build a soccer stadium for Guantanamo Bay inmatesThere's lots more and now, add to that the cost of spying on you!

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According to figures given to Congressman Edward Markey, AT&T charges an activation fee of $325 for each wiretap and $10- a day to maintain it. Multiply that by hundreds of thousands of individuals over thousands of days!  AT&T estimated their take from 2007 - 2011 at approximately $24 million.

Email records are free or relatively cheap, some as low as $25. Yahoo and Google wouldn't reveal their charges but rest easy, Facebook fans.  They don't want to set our government back any so they happily turn over all their data on you for free! Cricket and U. S. Cellular get a measley $250 per wiretap while Verizon is pricey, $775 for the first month and $500 for each month after!!

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Ponder that while you're not getting Saturday mail service, not going to many federal businesses, PX, Commissary, etc., or agencies and not touring the White House thanks to sequesters and furloughs we are forced to accept because we must save money!

Then contact your representatives and ask them WTF??