I believe I may have stumbled across a second career!

Times are tough around the Borderland!  All over El Paso and the surrounding area, making a buck is "hard" these days.  Extra money is out there though!

Sperm is going for HUGE amounts of money!  For now anyway ... I'm sure the government regulation, taxation and eventual takeover are not far off. (They're already screwing us right?)

American sperm in particular is the bomb right now. (We're number 1, we're number 1!!)

Celebrity sperm fetches the highest prices though.  However, at least in this article, they don't indicate that you ever know who the celebrity is.  (Cautionary note here, in the eyes of some; I'M a celebrity.)

I don't have a problem with this. (Seriously, I'm looking into starting my own "work at home" business even as we speak)  Raw materials are cheap, easy to acquire and abundant.  There's no overhead.  Very little training is required and you set your own schedule.   Seems perfect!

Neither of the above articles are the inspiration for todays WTF Wednesday though.  As I said above very little (if any) training is needed in this line of work and only slightly more effort.

So WTF is up with THIS thing?

Really?  There is someone out there in the world that can't even get this right without assistance?  I can see a magazine or two, but come on!?!?

I think the end of the world may now truly be "coming" ... WTF?