More WTF Wednesday wackiness for you!

We begin in Missouri ... why does that location NOT surprise me ... where a kindergartner totally "rocked" Show And Tell!  The kid showed up with a crack pipe!  AND some meth!!!!!!!  He had something to "show", and the cops had something to "tell" his Momma!    That she gets to go on a field trip ... to county!!

Read the whole story here from  WTF??

On to Russia.  (They do some serious WTF-ing over there.  Probably has to do with all the vodka.)  An old man keeled over after he won a dumpling eating contest.  (WTF is a dumpling??)  I know, I know;  sad story but not neccesarily WTF-ish right?  His death isn't my focus here; it's the prize he won.  A jar of sour cream.  Seriously ....... read the story here from

Really?  A jar of sour cream???????  (That stuff is disgusting; you couldn't GIVE me a jar of it.  Let alone make me enter some weird contest to try and win some.)  WTF??

Finally, we visit the KLAQ studios!  (The letters "WTF" are getting worn out around here!)  Every now and then, I do something to get my co-workers wondering that;  here's how I most recently did it.  Our web director Johnnie Walker wondered past my desk and saw the results for a search I had just run.  

I quote ... "WTF"??