Thieves have a new method for stealing your stuff.  While you practically watch them do it!

They're called "Sliders" and they're pretty gutsy.  They don't necessarily want any confrontation, I only say they're gutsy because more and more people are carrying weapons these days.  (Perhaps "stupid" might be more applicable than "gutsy" for these thieves.)

Ladies, you're their favorite targets because of your purses.  While you're pumping gas, or going in to pay for it, they "slide" up next to you, grab what they can and take off.

Moral? Always lock your doors even if you'll only be away (or out) for a minute!

Watch the video to see how they operate and always PAY ATTENTION to what's going on around you!!

(One crook even slams the door and the cars owner doesn't catch on ... WTF??)