Sure, Hotel California may be a little overrated but, seriously ... WTF??

I don't think I could get THIS upset over someone playing a band I don't like no matter who the band was.  (Wait, hold on.  I should probably leave a Justin Bieber clause in there.)

A lady Named Vernett Bader (growing up named Vernett may be responsible for the anger issues) got tired of her roommate playing The Eagles.  She told him to stop, he told her to shut up and kept on playing his Eagles music.  Instead of burning his cds or throwing his stereo out the window or something more rational like that, she went a little off the deep end.  She went to the kitchen and got a knife, then stabbed the 65 year old man repeatedly. When her brother was finally able to take the knife away from her, she went back to the kitchen and got another one!


Police say all 3 people were intoxicated at the time.  Go figure...