WTF Wednesday is all about thing sthat make you go, well, WTF?! I find things everywhere to write about. Stupid laws, ridiculous governmental acts, you name it.  This week, the post truly kind of wrote itself.  I found the winners of the 2010 weird science awards.  Enjoy!

Here are a few:

Boners For Bunnies!  I had no idea this was such an issue for rabbits ... thank God we were able to help the poor guys out.  Read more from msnbc here.

Were you aware that fruit bats love to get their freak on??  Me either ...

Allright, lets get out of the animal kingdoms sex life and move on to other, more normal animal issues. 

Like glowing dogs! (Hey, if he ever gets out of the yard at night, he'll be easy to find!) msnbc .. again.

The Mona Lisa. What could possibly make you wonder WTF here?  Take a look ... seems that pro topless organization Rick wrote about the other day has been around quite awhile! 

Again with the msnbc. (There guys are weird, but at least we've moved to human biology!)  

All right, ok ... no more.  I can't take it.  This may well be the WTF-iest WTF Wednesday ever!  If ya' just gotta have more, then you're on your own my twisted friend ... you'll find it here thanks to (you guessed it)