WTF?  The Washington Redskins days may be numbered.  (As The Redskins anyway.)  The team isn't going anywhere, but there is a push on ... again ... to change their name.

D.C. Council member David Grosso has introduced a resolution calling for the team to eliminate the name "Redskins".  A name he feels is

"a derogatory, racist" moniker."

Come on now, really??  Shouldn't these guys be lowering taxes, doing something about the crime rates or something else a little more important?

Grossos solution is to change the teams name to "the Redtails".  (The nickname used by the Tuskeegee Airmen. A group of WW II aviators who broke the color barrier for U.S. military pilots.)

How long do you think it will be before someone finds something inappropriate about that one?  (At the least it's going to make other branches of the armed services want a team named after them!)



What's next if this name change goes through?  Who will the P.C. police go after next?

Will the Cowboys have to become The Cow "people"?  Or The Kansas City Chiefs become The Kansas City "Guys in charge"?

Cleveland Browns = The Cleveland "Rainbow"?  Will The New Orleans Saints have to go with The New Orleans "people in good standing"?

Could The Green Bay Packers flip to ... never mind.


What do you think?