In Pennsylvania anyway .......

Seriously ... it really happened.  At a high school hockey game, officials decided there was no time to play the National Anthem before the game.  Because of the rental fee for the rink.

Furthermore, according to Pittsburgh CBS affiliate KDKA,

the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Hockey League has issued a directive to 183 high school squads in central and western Pennsylvania banning the national anthem from being performed.

WTF!?!?  Read more here.

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Are they booking these things by the second?  You're telling me that somewhere during the course of this game, a couple of minutes couldn't have been saved?  The rink owner couldn't have cut them a 2-3 minute break??

Someone with a brain couldn't have stepped in and done something?

(Granted, the National Anthem needn't be an epic "mini concert".  Keep in mind though that we're talking high school here; not the NHL. How long could it freakin' take?)

This is ridiculous. Our National Anthem scrapped to save money.  What lesson are these kids to take away from this?  That national pride and love of country are for sale?  That, in the interest of a dollar, patriotism can be put aside?

When it comes to making a buck, screw your national identity and heritage?

(In El Paso ... surrounded by Fort Bliss, Holloman AFB, Biggs, White Sands and many other installations ... I would LOVE to see them try this BS here!)

WTF do you think?